Jss2 Physical and Health Education (BST)

Physical and Health Education (PHE) is a vital subject taught to Junior Secondary School (JSS2) students in Nigeria. It is aimed at helping students develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and proper nutrition.

In JSS2, students are taught various physical activities, such as running, jumping, throwing, and catching. They are also introduced to team sports such as football, basketball, and volleyball, which help to improve their teamwork and coordination skills.

JSS2 PHE curriculum includes lessons on personal hygiene, sex education, and reproductive health. These lessons teach students how to maintain good personal hygiene, prevent the spread of diseases, and make responsible decisions about their sexual health.

JSS2 PHE is an important subject that helps students develop physically, mentally, and socially. Providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it prepares them for a successful and fulfilling life.


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