Jss3 Physical and Health Education (BST)

JSS3 Physical and Health Education is a subject that aims to promote the physical, mental, and social well-being of students through physical activity, health education, and sports participation. In this subject, students will learn about the importance of physical activity, healthy living habits, and sportsmanship.

Students will engage in physical activities such as sports, games, and exercises to improve their fitness levels and develop essential motor skills. They will also learn how to make healthy choices and adopt healthy habits, such as good nutrition, adequate sleep, and stress management.

The subject will be taught through a combination of classroom lectures, group discussions, and practical sessions. Assessment will be done through written tests, practical assessments, and class participation.

By the end of the JSS3 Physical and Health Education, students should have developed a strong foundation in physical fitness, healthy living, and basic first aid, preparing them for a healthy and active lifestyle.


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