Abusing drugs means using them in large amounts or without a prescription from a doctor. Do not take drugs that your doctor has not given you a prescription for, and never take too many of the drugs you have been given. Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, paracetamol, alcohol, and other drugs have all been abused in the past.

Meaning of Drug

Drugs are any substance that is used to make medicine to treat illness or disease or any substance that, when put into the body, cures illness.

Types Of Drugs

  • Common drugs
  • Hard drugs

Uses of Drugs

  1. Drugs can be used to treat health problems.
  2. It is used to lose weight.
  3. It is used to reduce pain
  4. It is used to heal sick people.

What is Drug Abuse?

Abusing drugs is when you don’t use them the way your doctor told you to.

Five Methods of Drug Abuse

Before drugs can have an effect on the brain, they have to be put into the body. There are five ways to get drugs into the body: by swallowing, smoking, snorting, putting suppositories under the tongue, or injecting.

1. Swallowing

The most common way to use drugs is to eat or swallow them. The person puts the drugs in their mouth. The drugs go to the stomach and then into the bloodstream. Taking drugs by mouth is thought to be one of the safest ways to abuse drugs because it gives the body time to absorb the drug, and the digestive system will make you throw up if you eat something that doesn’t agree with it.

2. Smoking

This method gets the drugs into the body a little faster than swallowing them because the smoke goes into the lungs, where it quickly moves into the bloodstream. Most people who smoke drugs do so with marijuana, heroin, crack, and opium. People who smoke drugs are more likely to get mouth, throat, and lung cancer, heart disease, cardiac arrest, stroke, emphysema, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other lung diseases, as well as high blood pressure.

Some people sniff drugs like ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, and amphetamines through their noses. Drugs get into the bloodstream through the stomach and the mucus membranes in the nose. People who sniff drugs will feel the effects of the drugs about 15 minutes after sniffing them

3. Snorting 

drugs can cause a number of problems, such as the lining of the nose and the septum breaking down. Hepatitis C and HIV can be spread by sharing straws and other items used to snort drugs.

4. Suppositories

Drugs that are taken into the body through suppositories get into the bloodstream through the mucus membrane of the rectum. Even though this is not a common way to take drugs, cocaine, speed, and ecstasy have all been taken this way. The rectum has sensitive mucus membranes. Some drugs may be very acidic, which can damage the lining in a way that can’t be fixed. There is also a chance of tearing the lower colon, which can kill the person.

5. Injection

The fastest way to get high from drugs is to inject them, which puts the drug directly into the bloodstream. The soft tissue, the muscle, or the vein can all be used to inject drugs. When people inject drugs, they will feel high in 3–5 seconds (immediately). This method of giving drugs goes straight to the brain, bypassing the body’s natural defences such as the digestive system. One of the risks of injecting drugs is getting an infection at the injection site. There is also the chance of getting HIV or hepatitis from sharing needles. Some people may have veins that collapse and damage their arteries, which can lead to gangrene, thrombosis, and bleeding.

How drugs can be abused.

  1. Using the drugs you were given for something other than what they were meant for
  2. Taking a different dose than what is recommended.
  3. Using sleep-inducing drugs without a prescription from a trained physician
  4. Taking drugs to feel braver or more confident
  5. Using drugs to get full sexual satisfaction without a prescription.
  6. Getting a drug from a doctor and giving it to someone else
  7. Taking drugs that doctors haven’t prescribed.
  8. Taking expired drugs out of ignorance.

Ways On How People Misuse Drugs

  1. Many teens have used drugs to lose weight without getting a prescription from a doctor. Since drugs make you feel full, most teens think that drugs are the best way to get rid of obesity and love handles that overlap.
  2. Some teens who want to feel very super pleased buy drugs on the black market or get them from friends. These drugs include narcotics, opioids, and crack.
  3. Some people take painkillers, sleeping tablets, or drugs that make them feel calm to help them fall asleep at night. So, whenever they don’t feel at ease, they turn to drugs to help them fall asleep quickly.
  4. Teenagers often drink strong prescription drugs that contain cocaine or cannabis to get rid of strong feelings like guilt, anger, or frustration, even though these drugs are actually prescribed to treat some diseases. Peer pressure is also a cause of this kind of drug abuse.
  5. Some people use drugs like steroids, which are only supposed to be used by athletes during games, but they sometimes inject themselves.
  6. Most kids just take drugs by mouth because they see their parents doing the same thing. Parents might not know about the situation, but kids are often very aware of where their parents hide drugs.
  7. Adults abuse drugs because they use them as a way to get away from big problems at home, like family fights and marital fights.
  8. Teens who are shy and quiet use drugs to get more energy and self-confidence on nights out and at parties. This gives them the confidence they need to talk to other people, stand up to bullies, and make more friends, even though that’s not what prescription drugs are meant to do.
  9. Most kids try drugs when they are young. Sometimes, they take it to see how it makes them feel. Some people mix drugs with alcohol and other things to make the effects even worse. Some people put drugs in the drinks of other people just for fun.
  10. Most prescription drugs are sedatives that can become addictive. Once, children relied too much on drugs. For example, when they were hurt, they often took drugs instead of making small sacrifices. Some kids just take painkillers all the time, even when they don’t need them.

Common Substances Abused

  • Tea.
  • Alcohol.
  • Coffee.
  • Kola Nuts.
  • Tobacco.
  • Aspirin and other Pain Killers.

First, alcohol makes you feel excited, and then it makes you feel sad. The other substances make the body feel excited and keep it from sleeping.

Causes Of Drug Abuse

  • Not being watched by a parent
  • Poverty 
  • Peer pressure in the community
  • Physical and Sexual Abuse
  • Early Acts of Aggression
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Bullying
  • Depression

Effects Of Drug Abuse

The effects of drug abuse include:

  • Stomach upset
  • Damaged nostrils and lungs
  • Skin rashes
  • Violent behaviour
  • Mood swings
  • Increased risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Dizziness and fatigue
  • Loss of concentration.
  • Depression and insomnia
  • Psychiatric illnesses
  • They damage the brain
  • They bring about irregular breathing
  • They result in economical wastage
  • They weaken the body
  • They shorten one’s life span
  • They can damage the internal organs

Prevention Of Drug Abuse

Using drugs can be stopped by doing the following:

1. Getting young people to take part in positive social activities like sports, theatre, etc.

2. Teaching young people about the bad effects of drug abuse.

3. Teaching young people how to respectfully refuse to engage in drug abuse with anyone who tries to introduce them to it;

4. Advising young people to avoid negative peer groups.

Roles and Activities National Drug Control Agency (NDCA)

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency are in charge of drug control in Nigeria (NDLEA).

NAFDAC is the government agency that controls how drugs and food are made, brought in, and used. It has the power to punish people who make fake drugs and foods or bring them into the country.

People who bring hard drugs into the country illegally are also arrested and given punishments by the NDLEA.

Here are the main things that these agencies do:

  1. They are in charge of making drugs.
  2. They keep an eye on how drugs are sold and given out.
  3. They refill prescriptions with new medication.
  4. They help people who are addicted to drugs.
  5. They are in charge of the conditions that make people more likely to use drugs.
  6. They do research on how to help people who are addicted to drugs get better.
  7. They teach the general population about the need of staying away from drug abuse.

Misuse Of Herbal Medicine

Concoctions created by traditional herbalists using the stems, leaves, and roots of plants are known as herbal remedies. Most of the time, these mixtures are made in unclean places. Not only that, but people usually take too much of these mixtures. When you are sick, it is best not to take herbal concoctions but to go to a registered medical doctor for advice.

Strategies On How To Live An Healthy Drug-Free Life

  1. Always follow the instructions on the label when using prescribed medications.
  2. Encourage good social interactions and a healthy way of living.
  3. Never accept an offer to try drugs or substances you don’t know much about or that are likely to be abused. Don’t use drugs or other substances abuse.
  4. Stay away from seedy hangouts (such as bars and nightclubs) where drug abuse is common.

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