Branches and Types Of Arts

Branches Of Art

Art is the creative manifestation of our ideas. Art is the study and production of things that please the intellect and the sense of aesthetics. The practice of art is a way of life. It is a language that is understood everywhere, and artists utilize it to communicate their deepest thoughts and emotions to the world. The term “art” comes from the Latin word “arti,” which meaning to do an action successfully or to perform something properly. 

There are two basic branches of art which are,

Fine arts and applied arts are two subcategories of visual arts. Fine arts refer to artworks that are made mainly for aesthetic reasons. The term “applied arts” refers to a category that includes artworks and objects that are useful yet nevertheless retain their beautiful qualities.

Visual Art 

Fine art is divided into the following categories.


Drawing is the process of creating a picture utilizing a number of tools and methods.


Painting is the interpretation of tone through the medium of color drawn with a brush or the applying of color through a medium to a surface such as paper, canvas, or a wood panel in accordance with the principles of drawing, composition, and aesthetics. Paintings can be abstract or representational in nature. A painter is someone who follows the steps involved in the process of making a painting and is given the title.


Sculpture is a kind of fine art that is executed in a three-dimensional format. Sculpture is also known as a three-dimensional sculpture. It is possible to make a sculptured item either in the shape of a relief or in the round. While carving is considered to be an additive process due to its capacity to be molded or modeled as freely as possible, modeling is considered to be a subtractive process due to the fact that some of the areas that were identified by the artist as negative are chipped away in order to create an ideal artwork of the positive space. A sculptor is an artist who makes works that are considered to be in the sculptural medium.


Graphics is a communicative and commercial art form that is primarily two-dimensional and encompasses a wide variety of art forms such as calligraphy or printing, lithography, and bindery.


Printmaking is an art form that involves the reproduction of an image via the development of a master plate from which many copies of the picture are printed. Printmaking may be broken down into these four primary categories:


Textile is a form of art that refers to the use of materials derived from plants, animals, or fibres (such as fabric weaving) in order to produce products that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing via the use of various design aspects and concepts.


Ceramics are works of art that are crafted from inorganic and non-metallic materials, shaped into exquisite shapes, and then fired for durability to create final utilitarian items that are vital for our day-to-day requirements.


Architecture may be described as the art of planning and developing buildings into a shape that is not only functional but also aesthetically beautiful. It is able to control space, volume, texture, light, shape, as well as values related to the environment, society, and technology.


PhotographySir John Herschel came up with the word “photography” in 1939. He got it from the Greek words “phos,” which means “light,” and “graphein,” which means “to draw,” thinking that photography was the art of drawing with light. It was claimed to have been a type of art that was developed in the 1800s and has since become a medium with endless possibilities.

Non Visual Art

These are grouped into performing art and literary Art

Performing arts

Performing arts are forms of art where the artists show off their skills in front of an audience. It could also be a performance by one person or by a group. Music, dance, theater, oratory, and opera are all types of performing arts. People who do performing arts in front of a live audience are called performers. In the performing arts, costumes and stage make-up help the people on stage come to life.


Music is a collection of sounds that are put together to create beauty or forms, rhythm, harmony, or to show how you feel. Pitch is a part of all music, and it controls the melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, timbre, and texture. There are many different ways to write and play music.


Dance is the art of moving your body in time with music. It is a strong urge that is used as a way to entertain an audience during a performance.


Drama as a performing art is the art of putting on a scripted literary work of art live on stage. Literary art, on the other hand, is a written work of art that actors will perform.

Literary arts

Literary art is the art of written words, and it usually only includes those that have artistic and intellectual value.

There are five different types of literary arts: poetry, prose, drama, non-fiction, and media.

  1. Poetry:Poetry is a type of written art that uses rhyme, rhythm, and style along with evocative images to make the reader feel something.
  1. Prose: Prose is any kind of writing that is not poetry. It’s written in full sentences and each paragraph has a plot and a few characters.
  1. Drama: Drama is a form of writing that can be used to make a script with dialogue, monologues, and stage directions for actors to act out on stage.
  1. Non-fiction: Drama, prose, and poetry are all forms of fiction that are written to tell a story, pass on information, and teach the reader about a certain topic, fact, idea, or issue.
  1. Media: This includes both traditional and new forms of media, as well as important written works in our society today, such as news, movies, commercials, billboards, radio jingles, etc.

Types Of Arts

Textile Design

Textile Design Fiber refers to any structure resembling hair that is capable of being spun into yarns and is appropriate for weaving or knitting into fabric. Designing or producing textiles is an essential kind of art since they are used to make garments for people to wear. Both the level of technological sophistication and the level of expertise used are different in each community. As a result of these differences, there are many distinct kinds of local textiles, each of which is connected with a particular ethnic group. The Yoruba are famous for a number of things, such as Aso Oke and Adire.

Ceramics Design

Ceramics are produced by subjecting an inorganic, non-metallic solid to heat followed by a cooling process. Ceramics are used in the design of many objects. They are the things that are fashioned out of clay and then burned in an oven. Ceramics are used in the home, in industry, and in the construction industry. Ceramics may take several forms, such as flower vases, pots, tiles, and so on.

Graphic Design

This is the mix of verbal and visual methods for the aim of communicating with the audience. It is a kind of visual expression that is distinguished more by the use of tone and line than by the use of colour. The verbal meaning and the visual representation are interconnected when it comes to graphic design. It is possible to divide the expanded field of graphic design into the following subfields: advertising/poster making, packaging and book cover, sign design, printing and publishing, illustration, photography, television, films and visual aids, animated films, lettering and calligraphy, and so on “Design of typography as well as textiles and wrappers.


This aspect is concerned with things that are beautiful. It is concerned with things that can be experienced by one’s senses. To put it another way, it is the recognition and enjoyment of attractive qualities. Appreciation of works of art for the purpose for which they were created, which is either the enhancement of beauty or the embellishment of space.

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