Topic: Classification Of Non-Living Things


Non-living matter can be classified as a metal and non-metal based on their properties


Metals are opaque, shiny elements that transfer heat and electricity efficiently. Most metals are ductile and malleable and they are generally denser than the other elemental substances.

Properties OF metals

  1. They are gleaming.
  2.  They can be hammered into a sheet.
  3. They can be twisted into a wire.
  4.  They are good conductors of heat.
  5.  They are good conductors of electricity.
  6.  They make a sound when hit.

Examples of metals are copper, iron, steel, tin, and aluminium.

Uses Of Metals

  1. Iron is used in making cars, ships, trucks, ovens, generators, poles, and corrugated iron sheets.
  2. Steel is used in making electric fans, steel roofing, pillars, refrigerators etc
  3. Copper is used in making electric wire.
  4. Aluminum is used in making electric wire and cooking pots.
  5. Steel can also be used in making household utensils.
  6.  Lead is used in making car and Lorries batteries.
  7.  Zinc is used in making torch batteries covering iron sheets to prevent rusting.


All the characteristics of metals are absent in non-metals. They serve as effective heat and electrical insulators. Most of them are gases,  occasionally liquids. Carbon, sulphur, and phosphorus are even solid at room temperature.

Properties Non-Metal

  1. They are not shiny.
  2. They cannot be hammered into a sheet because they are brittle.
  3. They are unable to be drawn into a wire.
  4. A poor electrical conductor.
  5. Heat conductivity is poor.
  6. When struck, they make no sound.

Uses Of Non-Metal

  1.          Carbon is used in torch batteries.
  2.          Sulphur is used in medicines.
  3.          Oxygen is used for respiration and burning.
  4.          Nitrogen is a component of protein.
  5.          Chlorine is used in the treatment of water.
  6.          Glass is used in making doors and windows.

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