Advance Fee Fraud (419)

Meaning of advance fee fraud

It is a fraudulent conduct that involves collecting money from someone else without giving the intended victim any products or services; in Nigeria, it is also known as “419.”

Causes Of Advance Fee Fraud

1. A desire for money 2. Greed 3. Worldly desires 4. A negative view of materialism in society

5. The role of peer groups

6. The absence of strict penalties for violators

Effect on Victim and society

1. Loss of the victim’s business 2. Mental health issue 3. Death from frustration

4. The victim is heavily indebted 5. Foreign investment is declining

6. The nation’s reputation is poor

Prevention of Fraud

1. Strict government penalty for the criminal 2. Public education on the fraudsters’ tricks

3. Place less value on materialism

4. Honor and respect for genuine achievements instead than money bags

5. Contentment

6. Parents should promote hard effort over quick money-making methods.

WEEK 3 & 4

Dealing with Fake Drugs

Fake medications without human use approval are known as counterfeit drugs.

Causes of fake drugs

1. a desire for money

2. poor quality assurance

3. Corruption

4. disregard for human life

5. Lack of strict regulations on the selling of pharmaceuticals

6. Variable regulatory checks

Effects of fake drugs

1. The emergence of more illnesses and diseases

2. Deaths

3. More psychological and emotional traumas

Prevention of fake drugs

1. Regular public education on drug purchases.

2. Strict restrictions on drug distribution should be passed.

3. rigorous oversight of the pharmacy

4. bringing unregistered dealers to justice 

5. closely observing pharmaceutical businesses to improve quality

WEEK 5 & 6


This is an act of corruption involving money belonging to the public, employers, or a group of individuals for personal gain.

Causes of embezzlement 

1. Greed

2. Covetousness

3. Crave for money and materialism

4. A lack of affection for the country and patriotism; 5. Selfishness

5. The suffering of the general populace

6. Poverty

WEEK 7 & 8

Cultism and Drug Abuse

Cultists are a group of individuals with harmful beliefs,

Causes of cultism

1. Crave for Power; many young people join cults to gain some power because they wish to escape abuse.

2. Looking for love; some young people join cults in quest of the fundamental needs of love and a sense of belonging; they want to be among people they can think with.

3. The need for security; young people join cults believing they would find peace and safety from all forms of abuse.

4. The influence of friends: Some young people are convinced to join cults by their peer groups, and they may also be swayed by close friends who they see as deserving of their respect and obedience.

Effects and Consequences of Cultism in Schools

1. Lack of discipline; school officials struggle to enforce rules among cult members out of concern for their safety.

2. Law and order breakdown; cultism generates disorder and violence, which often violates the school’s peace and jeopardizes the safety of innocent students.

3. Applauds bullying and the violation of others’ rights; cult members exploit their position of authority to coerce and persecute non-members.

4. The quality of education has declined; teachers may have to give cultists grades out of fear of reprisals from the group, which results in graduates who lack the necessary skills.

WEEK 9 & 10

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is defined as the excessive use of drugs or other substances or the inappropriate or illegal use of drugs or other substances.

Forms of Drug Abuse

1. The use of drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

2. Taking prescription medicines in excess.

3. Using harsh drugs like heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and many others.

4. using wine, kola nuts, coffee, analgesic pills, etc. often 5. consistently using drugs even when they are not essential

6. Dependence on medications that induce sleep.

Causes of Drug Abuse

1. bad company

2. The need to suspend psychological issues

3. Must engage in unpleasant behaviour or interact with others

4. Simple drug accessibility

5. Must stay awake.

6. Must Perform Well

7. Destitution

Causes of drug abuse

1. Mental illness

2. Death

3. A failing family

4. Job losses; and 5. Abnormal conduct

6. a threat to society

7. An increase in social vices

8. Traffic collisions

9. Misuse of public funds

10. A smaller number of people working

11. Damage to the nation’s reputation

12. An increase in funding for drug user rehabilitation

13. An increase in crime

14. Rising terrorism and insurgency rates combating drug abuse

Prevention of Drug Abuse

The following measures may be taken to avoid drug abuse:

The choice by the government to include the subject in the basic and secondary school curricula is wise.

1. Family awareness: Parents should be better informed about drug misuse and its impacts, thanks to the media.

2. Public education campaigns on drug misuse; the government should work more to inform parents and adolescents about the consequences of drug use.

3. The school administration should sometimes provide special lectures to inform pupils about drug usage.

4. At their gatherings, religious organizations such as churches and mosques should condemn drug misuse by quoting from the sacred book.

5. Drug sales: instead of being sold by so-called “chemists” in run-down stores, drugs should only be sold by licenced pharmacists.

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