Meaning Of Crafts

Craft refers to a skill usually used in the decorative arts, such as ceramics, woodworking, and pottery. One important thing about crafts is that you use your hands a lot. The word “handicrafts” is often used because of this.


Woven Cloth

Woven Cloth is made from plant fibres, such as cotton, raffia, straws, or the backs of trees or plants. One of the most important aspects of life is clothing, which is made from woven cloth.



Tie-and-dye is a special technique where the fabric is folded, knotted, wrapped around stones, and either tied or stitched with water-proof fibres before it is dyed. It can also be used to make clothes.


Paper Mache

Paper Mache is when the wet paper is beaten, mixed with starch, and then stuck to a surface to make art. Paper Mache can be wrapped around an object or shaped to fit on top of something else. With paper mache, you can make many things, like cups, plates, and even human structures.

With paper mache, you can make many things, like cups, plates, and even human structures.



Sculpture is the skill or art of making figures out of wood, metal, or other materials by carving or modelling. Sculpture has been a part of human life all over the world, from the time of the first people to the present. Sculpture shows us the customs and culture of the past, as well as what people were like, what they believed in, and how they lived. Sculpture is also used to mark important events or pay tribute to important people.


Metal work

A blacksmith’s job is to smite metal, which is done by burning charcoal and iron ore in a small space. The bellows, which are made from goat leather, are used in the furnaces to blast air into the burning charcoal of dried palm-nut shells. This ensures that enough amount of oxygen is provided. This will lead to pure iron metal. This old-fashioned way of making iron works well for making cutlasses, hoes, blades, knives, traps, spearheads, and other metal items.


Crafts and their location

CraftTheir Location
BlacksmithingAkwa, Lokoja, Anambra, Kano, Umuoparambaise in Imo state, Jos Plateau
WeavingKaduna, Abakaliki in Eboyi State,Benin Badagry,oyo,Abeokuta,Akwete,Okene
SculptureOyo, Benin
Animal hornSokoto,Bauchi,Borno,Kano
Calabashcarving Oyo, kano


1. Cultural Identity: Crafts like sculpture are an excellent way to show who a group of people is.

Clothing: The main purpose of woven fabric is to be used as clothing.

Storage: Handmade items like pots, baskets, and calabashes are used to store things at home.

4. Beautification/Decoration: Crafts like paper mache, collage, and mosaic are used to make things look good or more interesting.

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