Energy is essential for life to exist. This is due to the fact that living things require energy to perform all of their traits or characteristics (eating, moving, excreting, reproducing, growing, being sensitive, and breathing). Living things expire if they lack the energy to carry out these functions.

Meaning of Energy

The ability or capacity to perform work is referred to as energy. The joule (J) is the unit of measurement for energy. When work is done on a body, energy is transferred to the body. As a result, work entails the transfer of energy. The unit of energy and work are the same, which is the joule. 

Sources of energy

The sun sustains every living thing. This is because the sun provides almost all the light and heat energy that gets to earth. Plants need sunlight to grow, and animals need to feed on plants to grow. Therefore, sunlight is the major source of energy. Apart from sunlight, other sources of energy include:


Most coal is made of carbon. The most important thing that coal is used for is making electricity. Coal is also used to make cement and refine metals. It is also used to make steel.

Natural gas

This gas mixture is mostly made up of methane, which is a hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbons are made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Natural gas is used to power generators that make electricity and heat buildings. It is also used as a raw material to make many things, like plastic.


It is also called “crude oil.” Gasoline, heating oil, diesel, kerosene, and many other things are made from petroleum. Gasoline is used to power cars, kerosene is used to cook, and heating oil powers furnaces.


The wind is a form of energy from the sun. Wind turbines can use the wind to make mechanical power or electricity. You can also use wind turbines to grind grain and pump water.


This is the energy that comes from water that falls or flows. Hydropower can be used to power sawmills, textile mills, watermills, and other machines.


Food is also a big energy source. The food animals eat gives them the energy they need to get through the day. When you digest food, you get energy. Then, this energy can be used to do things like run, walk, and so on.

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