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Farm Animal Viral diseases

Farm Animal Viral diseases

Farm animal viral diseases are caused by viruses that infect animals, including domestic and wild animals. These diseases can have significant impacts on animal health, as well as on the agricultural industry and public health. Some common modes of transmission of animal viral diseases include direct contact between animals, contact with contaminated surfaces, and insect bites.

Symptoms of animal viral diseases can vary depending on the specific virus and the animal species affected. Common symptoms may include fever, lethargy, respiratory symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, and neurological symptoms. In some cases, animal viral diseases can be fatal.

There are a variety of methods used to control animal viral diseases, including vaccination, quarantine and isolation, and improved sanitation practices. Vaccination is a particularly important method of control, as it can help prevent the spread of viral diseases within animal populations. Quarantine and isolation can also be effective in preventing the spread of viral diseases, particularly in cases where infected animals have been identified. Improved sanitation practices, such as disinfection of surfaces and equipment, can also help reduce the risk of viral transmission.

The impact on animal health, animal viral diseases can also have economic and public health implications. Outbreaks of viral diseases can lead to significant losses for farmers and other agricultural producers, as well as impact trade and international relations. Some animal viruses can also be transmitted to humans, either directly through contact with infected animals or indirectly through contaminated food or water. Therefore, preventing and controlling animal viral diseases is an important public health concern as well.  

The tabbe below show animal viral deases with their mode of transmission, methods of control and symptoms 

DiseaseMode of TransmissionMethods of ControlSymptoms
African Swine FeverContact with infected pigs, ticksBiosecurity measures, vaccinationFever, skin lesions, anorexia
Avian InfluenzaContact with infected birds or their feces, contaminated surfacesBiosecurity measures, culling infected birds, vaccinationFever, respiratory symptoms, decreased egg production
BluetongueBiting midgesVaccination, control of midgesFever, oral and nasal discharge, difficulty breathing
Bovine PapillomatosisContact with infected cattle, mechanical transmissionNo specific treatment, or control of insectsWarts on the skin and mucous membranes
Classical Swine FeverContact with infected pigs, contaminated feed or objectsBiosecurity measures, vaccinationFever, lethargy, skin lesions
Foot-and-Mouth DiseaseContact with infected animals, contaminated surfaces, ingestion of contaminated foodQuarantine measures, vaccinationFever, blisters on mouth and hooves
Infectious Bovine RhinotracheitisContact with infected cattle, contaminated surfacesQuarantine measures, vaccinationRespiratory symptoms, fever, decreased milk production
Infectious BronchitisContact with infected birds, aerosolsQuarantine measures, vaccinationRespiratory symptoms, decreased egg production
Newcastle DiseaseContact with infected birds, contaminated surfaces, aerosolsQuarantine measures, vaccinationRespiratory symptoms, diarrhea, nervous signs
Porcine Epidemic DiarrheaContact with infected pigs, contaminated faecesBiosecurity measures, vaccinationDiarrhoea, vomiting, dehydration
Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory SyndromeContact with infected pigs, contaminated surfaces, aerosolsBiosecurity measures, vaccinationReproductive failure, respiratory symptoms
RabiesBite of an infected animal, infected saliva on open woundsVaccination, avoid contact with infected animalsNervous signs, aggression, paralysis
Rift Valley FeverContact with infected animals, mosquitoesVaccination, control of mosquitoesFever, muscle pain, liver damage
Swine InfluenzaContact with infected pigs, aerosolsBiosecurity measures, vaccinationRespiratory symptoms, fever
Vesicular StomatitisContact with infected animals, contaminated surfacesQuarantine measures, vaccinationBlisters on mouth, feet, and udder
West Nile VirusMosquito bites, infected birdsMosquito control, vaccinationFever, neurological signs
African Horse SicknessBiting midgesVaccination, control of midgesFever, respiratory symptoms, swelling of head and neck
Equine Infectious AnemiaContact with infected horses, contaminated instrumentsQuarantine measures, testing, no vaccineAnaemia, fever, weight loss
Equine EncephalitisMosquito bites, infected birds or horsesMosquito control, vaccinationNeurological signs, fever
Feline Immunodeficiency VirusBite wounds, the infected mother catNo cure, avoid contact with infected catsThe suppressed immune system, weight loss
Feline Leukemia VirusContact with infected cats, infected bodily fluidsVaccination, avoid contact with infected catsAnaemia, cancer, immune suppression
Canine DistemperContact with infected dogs, aerosolsVaccination, quarantine measuresRespiratory symptoms, nervous signs
Canine ParvovirusContact with infected dogs, contaminated faecesVaccination, disinfection of contaminated areasDiarrhoea, vomiting, dehydration
Canine RabiesBite of an infected animal, infected saliva on open wounds

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