Importance of plants to human beings

  1. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Animals take in oxygen when they breathe. Cells need oxygen, and they use gas to get the energy they need to do their work.
  2. During photosynthesis, plants take in carbon (IV) oxide, which helps lower the amount of carbon (IV) oxide in the air. When carbon (IV) oxide builds up in the atmosphere, it keeps the heat from the sun and creates a greenhouse effect.
  3. Plants are the only source of food for all other living things. Herbivores eat only plants, while carnivores eat animals that eat plants. Humans, on the other hand, can eat both plants and animals.
  4. Medicines have been made from plants like ginger, bitter leaf, garlic, etc.  Plants are used to make drinks like tea, coffee, wine, beer, fruit juice, and barley. 
  5. Plants can also be used to make wood, paper pulp, cotton, tannin, linen, etc.

The importance of animals to human beings

  1. Humans are largely dependent on animals for food. Foods like eggs, beef, milk, etc. are obtained from animals.
  2. Domesticating animals like sheep, goats, and cows is a major source of income for farmers.
  3. Wool and hide are used for clothing by humans.
  4. Humans keep some animals, such as dogs and cats, as pets.
  5. Zoo animals function as a form of tourist attraction.

Animals’ Benefits to Humans

Animals are useful to human beings in  the following ways:

  1. Certain animals provide humans with protein when they are consumed.
  2. Some animal products are useful to humans as food or medicine, such as honey produced by bees.
  3. Some animal products, such as skin, milk, horn, etc., are used as raw materials in certain industries. For example, horses and camels are used for farm work.
  4. Some animals, such as horses and donkeys, provide transportation for humans.
  5. Some animals, such as chickens, provide humans with a source of income. Some animals, such as dogs, provide humans with security.
  6. Farmers hunt with certain animals, such as dogs.
  7. Some animals are trained for entertainment purposes.

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