Meaning of Bead Works

Beadwork, also known as bead making, is a type of handicraft that involves the use of colourful beads in a variety of shapes and sizes, fishing line or string, and other materials and tools that are appropriate for the task at hand in order to create items that can be worn on the body, flower vases, and other similar things.

Beadwork refers to the process of stringing beads onto thread using a sewing needle, a beading needle, or both. This technique is used to create necklaces, bracelets, and other jewellery pieces. Beads may be found in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. Beads can also be used to make jewellery.

Meaning of Beadwork and MosaicMeaning Of Beads

Beads are little bits of glass, wood, plastic, or clay that are oval or circular in shape and have a hole through which a thread or fishing line may pass.

Materials/Tools For Bead Work

• Beads of different sizes and colours

• Fishing line or thread

• Cutting pliers

• Ring

• Hook

• Chain

Young students may utilise improvised materials such as straw, cowries, the cap of a bottle, wood, and other such materials.

Uses Of Beads

Beads may be used for a variety of reasons, including personal ornamentation, religious expression, and talismans of good luck, and in rare cases, beads are crafted specifically for royalty and nobility in a community. They may be recognised almost everywhere because of the beads that they wear.

• To manufacture objects that may be used in the home or for personal use, such as jewellery, purses, shoes, bags, flower vases, and coasters, among other things.

• During the traditional wedding ceremony, the bride and groom will each wear a string of beads.

• Beads are worn by members of the royal family, including the prince and princess.

Beads are often used by women as an accessory to complete their outfits.

• To set themselves apart from their people, kings often accessorise with crimson beads.

• In order to differentiate themselves from the ordinary males of rural villages, respected leaders traditionally wear beads.

Meaning Of Mosaics

By arranging coloured pieces of glass, paper, shells, marbles, or any other appropriate material and putting them into a bed of cement, mosaic artists may create patterns and images.

Meaning of Beadwork and Mosaic

Materials/Tools For Making Mosaics

• A Base

• Tessarae i.e. coloured marbles, glass pieces, pottery fragments, small tiles

• Adhesive

• Grout

• Hammer

• Work glove

• Safety glasses

• Dust mask

• Bucket

• Rubber spatula

• Napkin or Sponge

Uses of Mosaic 

  • It is used for making Domestic Items, such as flower pots and wall hangings 
  • Used for Beautification
  • Used for Decorations 

Method of Making Mosaic 

When creating a mosaic, there are essentially two methods. They involve glue and grout. The gluing technique involves tracing the design onto the base and applying adhesive to each tesserae piece that will be adhered to the proper part of the pattern. In the grouting procedure, grout is put into the foundation and the glossaries are gently pressed into the grout mixture.

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