Meaning Of Collage

Collage is a pictorial method that is used to create images on a canvas by completely or partially pasting or glueing together a variety of materials, including but not limited to paper, magazines, newspaper, coloured sand, twigs, grasses, seeds, and pebbles

Meaning of CollageMaterials For Collage

• Gum

• Coloured Papers

• Cardboard

• Scissors/Blade/Cutter

• Drawing Book

• Pencil

• Ribbons

• Flowers

• Brush

The Method/Process of Creating a Collage

An initial drawing of the composition might be done on a support, such as a wooden board, cardboard, or canvas. A brush will be used to apply glue to the drawings at the beginning of the process. The glue is used to secure the materials, which may be of many different types. However, the creation of a collage cannot be confined to a single method due to the fact that a variety of materials may be used in this process. For instance, utilising photos or photographs to produce a collage may be done by arranging more than one photograph on a surface such that they are closely linked to one another. This will result in the creation of a picture collage. Additionally, an image or a message may be conveyed by artistically arranging colourful sheets of various types to get the desired effect.

Meaning Of Paper Mache/Clay

The soaking of old newspapers results in the production of pulp paper which is known as paper mache. It involves soaking paper in water to turn it into pulp, then modelling any object using the pulped paper that has been produced. In addition to submerging the paper in water, you may also cut it into stripes, soak it in starch or adhesive, and then arrange the stripes on the support (armature) to get the desired appearance.

Clay, paper mache, cement, and plaster of Paris are examples of modelling materials that are flexible and may be moulded into different shapes. On the other side, modelling is the process of shaping an item by using these materials. The nature of the item may be either two- or three-dimensional in its presentation. Two-dimensional modelling refers to models that have length and breadth, while three-dimensional modelling refers to models that include length, width, and height in addition to length and breadth.

Materials Made From Paper Mache/Clay

• Human Figure

• Animals

• Plates

• Cups

• Vases

• Wall Hangings

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