Meaning of Dance

Human emotions may be expressed through dance. It is possible to make statements or communicate ideas via the rhythmic motions of the human body in relation to music throughout time and place. Dance depends on actual life events. It may thus be passed on from one generation to the next. A significant kind of art and an integral component of daily life is dance. It is a crucial component in the celebration of occasions related to every aspect of our existence. This highlights its significance and social utility.

Meaning of Dance

Types of Dance

The following are the different types of dance:

Dramatic Dance

This kind of dance establishes the overall plan for dance in a theatre. Dance moves are mixed with simultaneous dramatic acts in this kind of play.

Comic Dance

In this kind of dance moves, dancers portray amusing dance moves to amuse the audience. Comic dancing is characterised by amusing dance moves, such as ButiButi and Bajao, which are popular in the Philippines.

Pure Dance

This kind of dance refers to dance movements that make up a composition without a storyline and are often those that refer to a certain theme or emotion. Pure dance does not include elements of other dance genres. It is special due to this.

Dance Drama

Dialogue is typically transmitted via rhythmic dance movements used in the dance drama.

Uses of Dance

  1. Dance fulfils ceremonial and religious purposes. It serves as a kind of worship. The gods may be reached via the dancing medium.
  2. Dance serves as entertainment, to a point. It is a genuine method for unwinding and releasing stress.
  3. Dance serves as a historical record and an instructional tool. Because it is oral in nature, it aids in the dissemination of important information. It is also used to document important historical occurrences.
  4. Dance has therapeutic benefits as well. It promotes healing.
  5. Dance has a function in communicating. It is a kind of nonverbal communication used by humans and other animals.
  6. Dance may be used to raise consciousness. It is a way of expressing oneself. Dance was a way for tales to be passed down from one generation to the next before written languages were created.

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