Topic: Meaning and Scope of Social Studies 

WEEK: 1 & 2


The education of Social Studies in schools is crucial for fostering future generations of informed, engaged, and responsible citizens who uphold democratic values. Without a strong foundation in the knowledge, attitudes, and skills taught in social studies, it becomes challenging to prepare young people for active participation in society.

social studies are concerned with the social, cultural, and economic systems that shape our world, as well as the various institutions and organizations that people create to manage those systems. It explores the ways in which human societies are organized and governed, and how individuals and groups interact with one another across time and space.

Social studies can be defined as the examination of humanity and its relationship to the world around us. This encompasses both the physical and social aspects of the environment and how they shape and influence human behaviour, language, dress, food, and all other aspects of society. It is essential to understand this relationship as it plays a significant role in shaping who we are and how we live

Meaning of Social Studies

Social studies is a branch of social science that focuses on the various aspects of human society and how individuals interact with each other and with their environment. It encompasses a range of subjects, including history, geography, economics, politics, sociology, anthropology, and cultural studies, among others.

Social studies is also a  field of study that encompasses the examination of human beings and their relationships with the world around them. This includes both the physical and social aspects of the environment in which people live. The use of the word “man” in this context refers to all human beings, and it is acknowledged that the environment plays a significant role in shaping individuals and society as a whole. This influence can be seen in many different areas of life, including economics, politics, and cultural norms. In essence, social studies are about understanding the dynamic relationship between humans and their environment.

A man also interacts with two environments, which are:

  I.        Physical environment (Natural)

   II.        Social environment  (Artificial)

Science, technology, and man

Science: This refers to the methodical process of gaining knowledge through observation and experimentation.

Technology: This refers to the utilization of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Social studies encompass a broader range in the realm of science and technology, which has greatly impacted humanity by improving the quality of life.

For instance, technological advancements have enabled global connectivity through means such as the internet, television, cable, and telephone. Additionally, it has facilitated the generation of electricity through damming rivers, further enhancing the comfort and convenience of human life.

There are subjects that makes-up social studies.  Such subjects include;

  I.        Geography

   II.        History

 III.        Civics

IV.        Government

  V.        Sociology

VI.        Economics

The integration of various subjects in Social Studies helps to shed light on how humanity utilizes the resources within its environment to find solutions to problems and enhance the overall quality of life.

Moreover, Social Studies focuses on exploring how people coexist and interact within society, and how these interactions shape and influence one another. Additionally, the subject delves into understanding conflicts and their root causes within society and provides insight into the impacts and methods for resolving such conflicts.

Objectives of Social Studies.

As previously mentioned, Social Studies is the examination of humanity and its relationship to the environment. It serves several important purposes, including:

  1. Developing us into productive and responsible citizens.
  2. Teaching us how to utilize our physical environment for our benefit.
  3. Fostering patriotism and a love for our country.
  4. Training us to be good followers.
  5. Instilling values of cooperation, honesty, and tolerance.
  6. Providing us with the skills to interact peacefully with others in society.
  7. Increasing our understanding and appreciation of different cultures within our society.
  8. Preparing us for future leadership roles.
  9. Providing a well-rounded education

Importance of Social Studies 

Social studies are important because it helps us to understand the complex social, economic, and political issues that affect our lives. By studying social studies, we can gain a better understanding of the past, present, and future of our society, and we can develop the critical thinking skills necessary to participate in informed and active citizenship. The importance of social studies is listed below;

  1. Social Studies promotes exposure to various societies and cultures for individual students.
  2. It aims to develop our youth into responsible citizens.
  3. It prepares the young generation for future leadership roles.
  4. It familiarizes students with their social and physical environments.
  5. It encourages students to be responsible citizens.
  6. It emphasizes the value of peaceful coexistence and tolerance.
  7. It trains individuals on how to make meaningful contributions to national development.

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