Meaning Of Satellite

Satellites are things or objects that go around the earth and other planets in orbit. A satellite is a small space object that moves around a bigger one. Since the moon orbits around Earth, it is a natural satellite of Earth.

Rockets and space shuttles are used to send satellites into space. The earth’s gravity keeps them in orbit, just like it does with the moon. To stay in a particular orbit, they have to travel at the right speed. The slower the speed and the longer it takes for one complete orbit, the higher the satellite. An orbit is the path that a satellite takes.

Types of Satellite

  1. Natural satellites
  2. Artificial satellites

Natural satellites

Natural satellites are natural objects that orbit or move around the planet. The moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite. Another planet has more than one natural satellite except for the moon. 

The planets and their natural satellites

 Planet Number of the moon (s)

1. Earth 1

2. Jupiter 12

3. Mars 2

4. Mercury Nil

5. Neptune 2

6. Saturn 9

7. Uranus 5

8. Venus Nil

9. Pluto Nil

Artificial satellites 

Artificial satellites are man-made spacecraft that are sent into orbit around the earth, the moon, or other planets by different countries. E.g

The various types depend on how the orbits are set up. Artificial satellites that orbit the earth and beam down messages to satellites are often different in the following ways:

  • Size
  • Function
  • Height of orbit around the earth
  • The shape of revolution around the earth
  • Inclination of orbit

Types of Artificial satellites and their uses

1. Communication Satellite: This kind of satellite is put into orbit so that it can quickly send information from one place to another. For example, a phone or radio station might use a communication satellite to get around a problem with the signal. This helps cover a lot of faraway places.

2. Weather satellite: A weather satellite is a type of satellite that monitors the weather in the atmosphere and sends meteorologists the information they need to make weather forecasts.

3. Observation satellites are not used for military purposes. They are not used in the military. They are used to study the earth. They are used to learn about geography and to make maps.

4. Military satellites: These can be used to spy on enemies, get information about them, or even use them as a weapon.

5. Navigation satellites: These are used to keep track of where ships are on the sea after they leave a port.

6. Satellite photography: This satellite can be used to make images that are as complicated or simple as the situation calls for. In some cases, this means composite images or a whole section of the earth. In other cases, the photo will focus on a small part of a city block or even a simple house.

7. Geographical Information System: This satellite has made it possible to get some information about a place’s geography.

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