The capacity to perform a task in an efficient manner is referred to as a “skill.” The ability to operate a computer, know how to do hairdressing or tailoring, be proficient in auto repair, be able to make pottery or bread, etc. are all examples of skills that may be learned to earn a living.

Meaning of Skill Acquisition

The art of learning how to do something in order to either make a living for oneself or to survive is known as skill acquisition. One can study trades from a variety of professionals, such as fine artists, mechanics, potters, or vulcanizers, in order to earn a living. These professionals come in a wide range of specialisations.

Reading and writing are both skills that can be acquired through formal education. Consequently, the development of skills requires being proficient in performing a certain activity. It contributes to the enhancement of life’s quality as well as the appreciation of the capabilities of humans.

Reasons for Skill Acquisition

The desire to learn a skill might be motivated by a variety of factors. Examples of some of them include the following:

1.  Taking risks

1.  Taking risks 2. Decision Making.

3. Managing the emergency situation

4. Survival strategy

5. Leaning to live together.     

Types of skills

There are various kinds of skills. Skills are learned in the following areas:

  1. Farming: This is the skill that is learned in order to care for both crops and animals. Farming is necessary for people to continue living. Planting different kinds of crops including maize, cassava, yam, plantain, and so on is part of crop husbandry. Fish farming, poultry farming, snail farming, and many other types of farming are all included in animal husbandry.
  2. Basic computer literacy:: being able to use a computer effectively is a skill.
  3. Photography: Thi is the art, technique, or job of capturing or recording an item using a variety of cameras. This can be done either for personal or commercial purposes.
  4. Working with e-mail and exploring the Internet: The process of searching for information on the internet by utilising a computer is referred to as internet browsing. The electronic mailing system is known as e-mail. Through the use of a personal computer, it is possible to quickly send and receive e-mails over the Internet.
  5. Fax (facsimile): The term “fax machine” refers to a device that may send or receive images and text via a telephone line. The term “fax machine” is short for “facsimile machine.”

Importance Of Skill Acquisition

Skills allow us to do the following: 

1. Enable people to secure employment; 

2. Improve our quality of life; 

3. Enjoy our lives, for example, through photography or soccer;

 4. Save lives, for example, through first aid; 

5. Provide services to other people, for example, through carpentry or welding

6. Communicate with other people, for example, through computer literacy; 

7. Increase our knowledge.

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