Meaning of Space Travel

Outer space is the area beyond the sun, earth, and stars. 

Space travel means going to places outside of our planet. The people who go into space are called astronauts.

The atmosphere is a layer of air that surrounds the earth. This layer of air can be broken up into about 4 regions:

  • Troposphere
  • Stratosphere
  • Lomosphere
  • Exosphere

Since 1957, people have been going to space to see what goes on there.

Going to the moon or other planets or going around the earth in a special craft called a “spaceship” is what space travel means.

Rockets move the spaceship. After the spaceship leaves the earth’s atmosphere, gravity no longer pulls it toward the planet.

Astronauts wear special suits called Extravehicular Mobility Unit, or EMU, which help them keep the pressure of the earth’s atmosphere around their bodies while they are in space. Also, they go along with dry foods and oxygen masks.

Purpose of Space Travel

1. It’s helpful to watch what’s going on in the world, like football games, basketball games, etc., on TV at the same time they’re happening.

2. Space exploration is the study of space using astronomy and space technology.

3. People go into space because they are interested in what life is like on other planets and want to find out more about it.

4. Space travel is also important because we need to learn more about the weather and plants on Earth.

5. The satellites that were put into space have also made it easier for people all over the world to talk to each other, for example by using the phone.

Benefits and Dangers of Space Travel

1. The most important benefit is that scientists can learn more about the earth and other planets.

2. Making special kinds of computers.

3. Making things like x-ray and gamma-ray equipment for photography.

4. Production of telecommunication equipment.

5. Making equipment that can be used from a distance to guide spacecraft, like rockets,

6. Making fuel for rockets or aeroplanes.

Dangers of Space Travel

Going to space is dangerous. Several lives will be lost if anything goes wrong. Space travel can be dangerous because of the following things:

1. Rockets blew up when they were being launched

2. Some of the spaceship’s necessary equipment doesn’t work well.

3. The rocket can’t reach the speed it needs to leave the atmosphere

4. The angle, speed, and time of launch were all calculated wrong.

5. The rockets blew up in the air

Some of The Problems with Going to Space Are

High Speed

Astronauts need training to get used to the fast pace of space travel.

Complicated Calculation

Before a spaceship can be launched at the right angle, speed, and time to get to its destination, a lot of math has to be done.

Loss of Weight

Since there is no gravity in space, it is hard for astronauts to stand or walk the same way they do on earth.

Basic Needs of Life

The astronauts need to have water, oxygen, food, and other basic need of life

Escape Velocity

To get away from the pull of the earth, or the force of gravity, rockets need a speed called “escape velocity.”

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