Man is the most advanced living thing on the planet. Because of this, the human brain is more developed than the brains of other animals. So, man can think and plan to find solutions to the problems he faces every day. He is also curious and can watch and learn from what is going on around him. All of this is possible because man’s brain is so well developed. The cerebrum is the brain’s centre of intelligence. It lets people think, solve problems, ask questions, and observe their surroundings. Man is the only animal whose cerebrum is very well developed. In other animals, this part of the brain is not as complex. So, they can’t think and solve problems like men. Also, man is the only living thing that can stand and walk straight up because he has an S-shaped backbone that makes it easy for him to do so. The head and trunk are balanced over the centre of gravity because the spine is curved in a S shape.

Human Beings as Higher Animals

Mammals are a group of animals that includes human beings because we are higher animals.

Characteristics Features of Mammals

  1. It has hair or fur on its body or at least some part of the body.
  2. It doesn’t lay eggs but instead gives birth to a life. young one. This means that the baby develops partly in the womb.
  3. Its mammary glands make milk that it feeds to its young ( i.e. breast)
  4. They feed their young with milk.
  5. They have strength.
  6. They take in air.
  7. They are warm-blooded.


Primates are groups of mammals that include humans and other great apes.

Characteristics Features of Primate

  1. All primates have grasping thumbs that face the other fingers. This lets them pick things up or hold on to them.
  2. Their eyes are in front of their heads, and they can see better than when they are on the sides of their heads.
  3. They can move their hands in a number of ways.

Advantages of Human Beings over other Animals

  1. They can stand up straighter than most animals.
  2. They walk better and faster than most animals
  3. They are good at remembering things quickly.
  4. They are better at thinking and reasoning than others.
  5. They can control and change the world around them.
  6. They are smarter than most animals at solving problems.
  7. They can communicate and talk to each other well.
  8. Unlike other animals, they can use their senses to look at things and make decisions based on what they find.

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